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The village of Pyrgos

Pyrgos is among the most beautiful villages in Santorini. The former capital of the island, until the beginning of the 19th century, still has the charms of a sophisticated spot on the island! The atmosphere remains evocative and mysterious! The narrow streets, the mansions, the traditional Cycladic architecture, the medieval aura and the charming churches create a dreamlike atmosphere that will travel you away from time, deep in the village’s history!


Walking around the village of Pyrgos is an activity that you have to repeat!  The seductive atmosphere and the surreal ambience of this time defying location will enchant you and will definitely become one of your favorite places to be! But there are also some stops and attractions worth visiting. The churches are among your first stops as well as the neighboring Monastery of Prophet Ilias, where in Pyrgos you have to stop and visit the museums of the Byzantine Icons and the Museum of Yesterday’s Santorini. Also some shops are worth visiting where you can see the growing cultural interest of the locals. Make a stop at Crossroads to find some really rare editions of famous books and antiques.