Santorini Heights emerged in nature, was almost built by nature and is definitely loved by nature! Let’s take the first stroll to the premises of Santorini Heights and its' unique surroundings to breathe in the exhilarating sense of freedom!

The feeling that takes engulfs you when you first walk around the premises of Santorini Heights is that of utter serenity. The fragrant flowers and herbs in the gardens, the buzz of bees and the hum of birds immerse you into nature’s soft embrace, in a breath-taking enchanting location on the highest spot of Santorini Island.  The majestic view overlooking the beaches of Perissa and Perivolos, Akrotiri, and a part of the caldera will capture your heart and the Villas’ secluded location offers a first class, private viewing spot for the world famous Santorinian sunset. 

The surrounding area is part of the Natura 2000 Network for the conservation of the environment and the area’s biodiversity. With that in mind, the entire construction of the Santorini Heights Villas complex was completed with the utmost respect towards Nature. The villa is built with local materials like stones and pebbles, and the traditional architecture features soft lines that embrace and are perfectly harmonized with the environment. Great care was taken in incorporating ecofriendly infrastructures and technologies to the complex’s everyday life; solar panels are used for water heating, traditionally built cisterns for rain water collection and heating pumps are just some examples. The organic gardens, the freshly 1000 m2 planted vineyard and the outdoor areas of the suites reflect the beauty and the simplicity of the island’s nature. Stone walls, organic vegetable and herb gardens, flowers from the island will bring you closer to the magnificence of an environment as unique as Santorini, and will transform your vacation into a naturalistic experience that you’ll never forget.

But still… there is the man’s touch that makes everything JUST that little bit better, that little bit comfier and that little bit more personal; the modern amenities that you can enjoy in Santorini Heights like the swimming pools and touches like the great sound facility, the wine cellar and the wine fridge in your suite. Moreover the premises house some exclusive, contemporary art items by local artists, representing the four elements of nature that give the Suites some of its unique character.

Walk, relax, sense the beauty of Santorini, and embrace the serene aura that is made of the colours of sky and the playful light of the stars!